Fish Oil Contributes To Hair Health

Does fish oil help your hair grow?  With records of hair issues on the rise, many are turning to natural supplements in an effort to keep their hair from becoming dried, chemical-ed, and brittle masses.  Because of its high concentration of omega 3 hair growth and hair health can be greatly benefited by using fish oil supplements.

In many ways, fish oil helps your hair health in the same way that it helps your skin.  It keeps your hair follicles beautifully moist and shiny–now I am not talking about the haven’t-taken-a-shower-in-a-week kind of shininess, but a healthful glow that is just lovely.  It helps with the production of sebum, hair oil, and nearly every other production that those glands make.

Fish oil’s anti-inflammatory properties likewise help out with reducing hair loss.  When hair follicles become inflamed, they can quickly lose their grasp on the hair sheath that they are supposed to be firmly rooting to the head.  If your hair loss is caused by inflammation of your hair follicles, fish oil will help you keep that lovely head of hair.  However, there is one note of caution:  While many hair products are meant to be applied topically, fish oil should be taken internally as capsules or oil.  Its strong fishy odor is not something you want to put on your hair before leaving the house.

By using fish oil hair loss is often prevented or quickly treated.  While the supplement’s anti-inflammatory agents play a major part in this, fish oil mainly helps by nourishing the hair follicle with nutrients that it needs to produce healthy hair.  If your diet does not contain enough omega 3, your hair will be dull, lifeless, and slow to grow.  Taking fish oil can help by providing the essential fatty acids that your body needs to produce beautiful hair from the inside of the follicle out.  Likewise, fish oil provides proteins that contribute to strong hair that will not break easily.

If your hair loss is due to hormonal issues, you might consider using fish oil to give your body some of the building blocks it needs to build the correct hormones in the correct quantity.  While clinical studies have yet to prove whether or not this is one of the benefits of taking fish oil, testimonies show that this definitely works for some people.  Of course, as with any hormonal problem, your diet and your exercise regimen should always be addressed before turning to supplements of any kind.

By taking supplemental fish oil hair growth can begin, increase, or stabilize.  Your hair will become healthier, silkier, and stronger by taking these supplements.  Before buying any old fish oil, be sure to find the absolutely best fish oil that you can afford for best results.

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