Fish Oil As A Blood Thinner: Helpful But Caution Advised

Blood thinning drugs are very prevalent in cardiac health circles today.  Although they often help to prevent heart attacks and other issues, they often come with a wide variety of side affects that are anything but pleasant.  A fish oil blood thinner just might be the healthiest, safest, and most enjoyable route toward thinning your own blood.

Before we dive into just how and why fish oil thins blood, I should start out by saying that if you have any platelet disorders, if you bleed easily, or if you have nosebleeds or gum bleeds, please be sure that you discuss using fish oil with your doctor before you buy any supplements.  This is especially true if you are already on blood-thinning medications.  That being said, now let us look at how does fish oil thin blood.

Fish oil interferes with your platelets’ ability to aggregate together.  It is known as an anticoagulant.  In many cases, this property of fish oil may benefit the users.  For example, if you have a tendency to have a high blood pressure reading at the doctor’s office, and it is due to very thick blood, fish oil can help.  If you have experienced a heart attack and want to avoid the aspirin-type of drugs that are generally prescribed, you can consider using fish oil instead.  On the other hand, you should be careful about taking this supplement if you have a platelet disorder, as was mentioned previously.  Taking fish oil can increase the time that it takes for your blood to clot, allowing your body to lose blood faster.  For example, if you are anemic, and thus pre-disposed to bleed easily, do not take fish oil.  If you have any other sort of condition that predisposes you to bleed easily, avoid the fish oil supplements.

Another time that you should avoid using your fish oil supplements, whether or not you have been taking them, is before a surgery.  Since you will already most likely experience blood loss, you do not want to add a supplement that will make you bleed easier to the operating table.  While fish oil can often be a very useful supplement for specific cases, it is not advised to take the capsules before a surgical operation.

Yet another caution for those considering taking fish oil to thin their blood is this:  Do not take more than three grams of fish oil a day.  If you do, you develop the potential to experience more nose bleeds or gum bleeds.  Overusing fish oil supplements can also lead to development of an ulcer in your stomach.  Again, the admonishment to taking these supplements is to check with your doctor before beginning a natural blood thinning regime.

Fish oil is an amazing supplement that has great potential as an all-natural omega 3 blood thinner.  However, with the multitude of issues that the supplement has been known to cause, please research the subject on your own as well as talk to your healthcare provider to decide whether or not it is best for you.  Educated decisions are the ones that truly count, especially in regard for your cardiovascular system.

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